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Kris Elliott, Esq

The Elliott Law Firm, P.A.

For 15 years the Elliott Law Firm, P.A. is proud to provide legal representation to a varied clientele.

The Firm's primary focus is the representation of military personnel worldwide - "A Serviceman Representing Those Who Serve." The Firm also provides representation into the maritime and aviation law and veterans's advocacy. Firm President, Mr. Kris Elliott is a Maritime Proctor of the Maritime Law Association of the United States (MLAUS), defense attorney on the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Legal Defense Panel for pilots and A&Ps, and a VA Certified Veteran's Advocate.

Opening for business in October of 2005, Kris Elliott focused initially on providing legal representation to U.S. military personnel worldwide, in all military justice actions and all board actions; whether medical, competency, administrative separations, or correction of military records. Incorporating in 2006 as The Elliott Law Firm, P.A., the firm expanded its services to personal injury for seamen or maritime passengers, defense of airmen and mechanics in FAA/NTSB inquiries and actions, and advocacy for veterans.

We Offer Legal Representation in the Following Matters

Military Justice

  • Military Court-Martial Defense
  • Article 32 Investigation Defense
  • Article 15 (Captain's Mast/Office Hrs) Advice
  • Defense in Admin Separation Boards
  • Defense in Boards of Inquiry (Courts of Inquiry) in Officer Separations
  • Boards for Correction of Military/Naval Records (BCMR/BCNR) Petitions
  • Lawsuits in Federal Court Against BCMRs/BCNRs for Failure to Correct
  • Article 138 (Complaint of Wrong) Petitions
  • Med Board/PEB Representation
  • Competency, Proficiency and Mental Review Board Representation
  • Military Contract Analysis/Negotiation

Maritime Law

  • Representation in Maritime Personal Injury and Wrongful Death (DOHSA)
  • Jones Act Claims
  • Representation in Recreational Boating Accidents
  • All Matters in General Maritime Law (Collisions, Cargo Disputes & Vessel/Cargo Arrests)

Aviation Law

  • Airman & Aviation Mechanic Representation in NTSB Investigations
  • Airman & Aviation Mechanic Representation in FAA Investigations

Veterans Advocacy

  • Compensation and pension claims for veterans with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Kris Elliott is an experienced, aggressive trial lawyer, admitted to the bars of California, Washington, Louisiana and Florida, the U.S. Supreme Court, Court of Appeal for the Armed Forces and well over a dozen federal courts of appeal and district courts. A full CV is available on request. Kris Elliot's experience in the military and legal fields of military justice, admiralty, aviation law and veterans' advocacy.

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